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George Wincott

Get To Know George:

George joined Coastal in January 2023 as a part of the 'Street team', working on social media ideas and projects for on air; since then, George has presented at some of Coastal's biggest events such as the Local Hero Awards and Lytham Festival. He has also appeared as 'Producer George' on the Breakfast show many times. 

You can catch George every week on 'What's On Weekly' and alongside Lucy Gormanly on 'Early Breakfast' every Sunday morning from 6am. 

All About George:

Who is your career inspiration? 

It's difficult to highlight just one person. I'm always looking on in admiration at different people in the media and try to emulate different bits of what they' all do in my own work. That's from presenters, Youtuber's and even people I work alongside. 

Favourite Coastal Highlight so far?

Interviewing all of the amazing winners at the Local Hero Awards 2023 alongside Lucy!

What Movie best describes you?

The pursuit of Happyness

It's 5pm on a Friday Afternoon, what are you doing? 

Probably editing 'What's On Weekly!'

If you could swap lives with anyone in the office, who would it be and why?

As an aspiring journalist myself, it has to be Ged Mills. 

If you were in a band, what would your band name be?

Judging from my singing on What's On Weekly, I'd say that's highly unlikely...

But I'm a house music fan so I feel like we could be more a group of DJ's called something cool like -1. 

If you could work anywhere else in Blackpool for a day, where would you work and why?

Putting journalism a side, it would be cool to work at Elite Competitions and drive those fancy cars for a day. 

What are your three favourite songs? 

I'm a huge house music fan, but I also love a bit of R&B...

  1. Dominica - Gotta Let You Go
  2. D.O.D - Still Sleepless (Feat. Carla Monroe)
  3. And anything by Bryson Tiller...

If your life was a famous meme, what meme would it be? 

Probably the guy pointing to his head and thinking with a smile on his face. O'm always trying to brainstorm ideas. 


Train or Plane?


Working In Office or At Home?

The office 100%

Coffee or Tea?


What's on Weekly or The Fylde Football Podcast?

I'm inclined to be a bit bias here as the host of What's On Weekly, wouldn't you say?

I think What's On Weekly is great and definitely something of public interest for our listeners living in the local area. But the lads also do an equally as excellent job on the Fylde Football Podcast. 

Team Presenter or Team Producer

Presenter! I love being on camera.