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You may have read about “cookies”, small pieces of information that are stored by your browser on your computer’s hard drive. Coastal Radio DAB uses cookies to identify previous users without needing to ask for details every time you access one of our sites. The cookies control the display of adverts, to ensure that you don’t see the same advert too many times in a single session, for example, and to track usage patterns on our sites. Our cookies do not contain any personally identifying information.  While using the sites, you may notice that our advertisers occasionally serve you cookies, either directly or when you link to their sites. We cannot directly control what our advertisers or these cookies do, but it’s our policy that advertisers on the sites should use cookies the same way we do.

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We use cookies to identify that an individual has done something and not to identify any further information about that individual. If you are concerned about cookies, you can turn them off in your browser. However, please note that if you do this some areas of the site may not work properly.