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Scarlett Butler

Scarlett is one of the youngest members of our team, having joined in Summer 2023. Scarlett is studying her A-levels at Blackpool Sixth in Media Studies and aspires to be a journalist/presenter. In her short tenure with Coastal, Scarlett has already worked across some of outside broadcasts, including at Blackpool Air Show 2023. 

All About Scarlett:

Who is your career inspiration? 

This is a difficult one as there's so many! Probably Kate Garraway or Holly Willoughby. 

Favourite Coastal Highlight so far?

Saturday Afternoon at the Blackpool Air Show!

What Movie best describes you?

I love Creed3... I think it's such a positive movie. It reminds me to stick at thing and go for my goals. Even with all the challenges life throws at you it's important to keep going and work hard and stay good to people. Additionally it highlights that hard work pays off and the cycle of positivity works its way back to you. Overcoming your conflicts with people and negative attitudes help you grow and develop as a person and leads you to maturity. It takes you down the route for mental and physical success. 

It's 5pm on a Friday Afternoon, what are you doing? 

Sharing our What’s On Weekly to my socials or at the gym!

If you could swap lives with anyone in the office, who would it be and why?

Ged Mills or Paula Davies!

If you were in a band, what would your band name be?

All though I am awful at singing you will always hear me singing whilst I’m driving! Always up for a good sing along . So it would have to be something funny like ‘Butlers Band’ or something to do with driving like ‘The cars’.

If you could work anywhere else in Blackpool for a day, where would you work and why?

From a sporting point of view I would work at a sports club and work the promotions/events side of it. For example a netball,boxing or a football club. I would do this because I love sports and presenting so it’s an ideal role for me. Alternatively I would be a sports coach because I’ve always loved helping others. 

What are your three favourite songs? 

I love music - I’m always listening to it. However, my music taste changes all the time. I would definitely struggle to pick just 3.. I usually listen to music based off my mood or what I am doing but if I had to pick it would be…

Cheryl - Fight For This Love - Cheryl 
YMW Melly - Murder On My Mind 
The Script - Hall Of Fame 

If your life was a famous meme, what meme would it be? 

I’d be the drake in his orange coat swerving away and then pointing.

Train or Plane?


Working In Office or At Home?

At the office

Coffee or Tea?


What's on Weekly or The Fylde Football Podcast?

Definitely What’s on weekly! (I would be a traitor to myself and George if I said otherwise.)

Team Presenter or Team Producer?