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Victoria Roberts

Victoria Roberts

Victoria Roberts is an established vocalist, entertainer, trained dancer & choreographer. With many years experience in the business, performing her own cabaret shows both in the UK and overseas, touring in national theatre shows, pantomimes, cruises, resident in the West End and Victoria was a judge on BBC1 All Together Now.

All About Victoria: 

Your Star sign - Capricorn

Your Age - Really !!! 49

Your Hometown - Bury

Where You live now? - Blackpool

Your Jr school - Greenmount 

Your High school - Bury Grammar School 

Your College - SixthForm Bury Grammer School

Your 1st Job - Dressing turkeys in a butchers at Xmas 

Your Worst Job - As above 

Your Pet Hate - People who eat with their mouths open making a mess (unless they can’t help it) 


15 Fun Facts About Victoria:

1. Your Favourite Colour - Purple

2. Your Favourite movie? Home Alone 1 & 2 (can’t decide)

3. Your Favourite Band - Def Leppard

4. Your Favourite Song - I Surrender (Celine Dion)

5. Your Celebrity crush? - Nicole Scherzinger or Sharon Osbourne

6. Are you Married/Kids/Family Life - Married this year, close to my parents 

7. Any pets? Eric the dog 

8. Your Favourite sport? Baseball

9. Any tattoos? No

10. Your Favourite Food? Chinese

11. Your Favourite Drink-  Brandy & diet coke

12. Your Favourite Fave TV Series - Desperate housewives 

13. Your Favourite Fave Holiday Destination - South Africa

14. Your Party Trick? I can do the splits

15. Any Claim to Fame - British Tap dancing champion (80’s) also the world black pudding throwing champion early 90’s