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Vic Mcglynn

All About Vic McGlynn

Age 24 and 3/4s

Hometown: Cleveleys

Where they live now? Perth, Scotland.

Jr school: Anchorsholme Primary 

High school: Montgomery High School 

College: Blackpool & Fylde College

1st Job: Paper round, swerving the streets of Thornton and Cleveleys.

Worst Job: Most employment that occurred in Sheffield 2014-2018.

Star sign: Taurus, bit of Libra, touch of the Scorpios.. Not that I believe any of that stuff, right.

Pet Hate: Mindless littering.


15 Fun Facts…..

1. Favorite Colour Turquoise or hot pink.

2. Favorite movie? Pan's Labyrinth

3. Favorite Band Shellac, who nobody has heard of.

4. Favorite Song B-52s - Topaz

5. Celebrity crush? Joaquin Phoenix/Javier Bardem/Rob Delaney pleaseandthankyou.

6. Married/Kids/Family Life Nah, nope, My Ma' thinks I'm alright. Horrendous God Mother to two top lads.

7. Any pets? Borrow My Doggy Comrade. Collared Doves in-my-garden fancier.

8. Favorite sport? Wrestling. Preferably involving ladders, UV lights, ridiculous acts of sabotage and fat lads in lycra.

9. Any tattoos? Yep, off infamous Phil of Fleetwood back in 1996, now covered up with a peacock feather.

10. Favorite Food? Oysters hand-fed by Joaquin Phoenix/Javier Bardem/Rob Delaney

11. Fave Drink Negroni

12. Fave TV Series RPDR. All of it.

13. Fave Holiday Destination Preston.

14. Party Trick? I can fit my whole fist in my mouth.

15. Any Claim to Fame? Does my Wikipedia page count? *Flex*


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