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First passenger tram arrives at Talbot Gateway extension

The first passenger tram in 60 years has arrived at Blackpool North Station, as part of the new Talbot Gateway extension.

On Wednesday 12th June, lucky winners and media were given the opportunity to ride the tram, which travelled from Starr Gate to the new North Station tram stop.

The journey became the first tram ride to North Station in 60 years and the first up Talbot Road in 88 years.

The extension is officially set to officially open to fare paying passengers on Sunday 16th June and will see trams exit the Promenade and head into the town centre via two new stops, Talbot Square and North Station.

It will enable passengers to access the Blackpool Transport tram network directly outside of Blackpool North train station, where previously they would've had to walk to the promenade to board the tram. 

Speaking to Coastal Radio, Managing Director of Blackpool Transport Jane Cole said the new development is vital to connect passengers around the town.

“If you’re going onto a longer journey away from Blackpool or coming in, you’ve got a connection once you depart one mode of transport onto another, Cole said.

“That connection is vital.

“It’s not just about train, it’s not just about tram. They’ll be buses going there, we’ll have taxis there, so people will have choices,” Cole added.

As well as providing interconnectabilty for train station users, the project will also offer benefits to the growing number of workers around the Talbot Gateway area.

Alan Cavill, Director of communication and regeneration for Blackpool Council believes the project will help support the future of jobs in the town centre.

"It’s a really important link project to the town and really beneficial to the local community and to business, Cavill said.

“We’re going to see nearly 10,000 jobs created in the town centre over the next few years. 

“We need to make sure those jobs go to local people and the way that happens is by making sure the public transport works to get people from where they live to where they want to work,” he added. 

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