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Liam Milton

Liam joined Coastal Radio in October 2023; he is a third year journalism student at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston. So far Liam has worked on numerous different articles for Coastal, alongside attending some of our events. 

In November 2023, Liam also presented his own Spotlight show on Coastal Radio DAB. This featured a segment about the best Christmas songs to be played on the radio, plus discussions about who may be this year's Christmas number 1. 

All about Liam:

Who is your career inspiration? 

Louis Theroux is the first that springs to mind so I'll stick with that.

Favourite Coastal Highlight so far?

Either seeing 100s of dogs at Walkies For Wards or trying to interview people mid race at the Santa Dash

What Movie best describes you?

You'd have to ask my friends I have no clue

It's 5pm on a Friday Afternoon, what are you doing? 

Extra uni work of course...promise

If you could swap lives with anyone in the office, who would it be and why?

Lucy because she's always up to something

If you were in a band, what would your band name be?

The Silence (would be more appealing than my singing)

If you could work anywhere else in Blackpool for a day what would it be and why that job?

Definitely nothing high up so we'll count out the Tower and the Pleasure Beach, would quite like to work in a chippy

What are your three favourite songs? 

1. On Meloncholy Hill by Gorillaz 
2. Coffee and TV by Blur
3. She Moves In Her Own Way by The Kooks

If your life was a famous meme, what meme would it be? 

I'd be lying if I said I knew


Quick-fire Quiz

Train or Plane?

Definietly Plane

Working In Office or At Home?


Coffee or Tea?


What's on Weekly or The Fylde Football Podcast?

They're both great!

Team Presenter or Team Producer