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Freya Taylor

Freya is currently studying journalism at the University of Central Lancashire, she joined Coastal's Street team in September 2023 and has a frequent voice on the traffic and travel reports on the station. 


Get To Know Freya

Who is your career inspiration?
I've got to go for either Louise Minchin or Greg James!

Favourite Coastal highlights so far?
Getting to interview loads of lovely people at Blackpool and The Fylde College!

What movie best describes you?
If Miranda made a movie... that's what it would be.

It's 5pm on a Friday afternoon, what are you doing?
In all honesty, I'm either watching Graham Norton re-runs, or I'm listening to Taylor Swift.

If you could swap lives with anyone in the office, who would it be and why?
Any of the presenters - I'd get to play Harry Styles or Taylor Swift all day!

If you were in a band, what would your band name be?
Wrong Direction.

If you could work in any musical, what would it be and who would you play?
Mamma Mia would be fun. Just to sing along to some ABBA!

What are your three favourite songs?
1. Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol
2. Exile (specifically the Long Pond Studio edition) - Taylor Swift
3. Local Boy in the Photograph- Stereophonics

If your life was a famous meme, what meme would it be?
Couldn't think of what meme would be best to describe my life... but my favourite vine is 'a potato flew around my room before you came'.

Quick fire quiz:

Train or plane?
I take LOADS of trains down to Suffolk, and always love the countryside views... but I'm going to have to go for planes because you might end up somewhere hot!

Working in an office or at home?
Working in an office. You've got lots of people around for a chat!

Coffee or tea?
Latte all the way!

What's On Weekly or the Fylde Football Podcast?
What's On Weekly.

Team presenter or team producer?
Team presenter!

Is it tea or dinner time?
Dinner time 🕑