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LBAs Terms and Conditions

1. These awards are purely based on the public vote.

2. There is no judging panel.

3. No financial submissions are required.

4. You can nominate one business per category only.

5. Multiple nominations or votes from the same IP address will not be counted.

6. You can vote once per category, per IP address.

7. The five businesses in each category that have the highest number of genuine nominations will be shortlisted for the finals.  (A line saying "X business should win because they are great" in the nomination stage is not sufficient and will not be counted; you need to say WHY your nomination deserves to win.)

8. We will contact the shortlisted businesses to ensure they want to accept the nominations; if anyone doesn't want to, we will go to the next in line.

9. Nominations close at midnight on Sunday, February 4th.

10. Voting for the finalists opens on Monday, February 12th, for 8 weeks, and closes at midnight on Sunday, April 7th, 2024.

11. We will check that each business fits the category criteria.  For example, in a new business that has only been operating within the 2-year time frame, etc.,  the shortlisted small business has under 10 employees.  Also, a business or person who donates loads to charity, etc. does not necessarily make the best business or business person, however kind and amazing they are, so make sure your nomination has the reason WHY and that the reason WHY is relevant to the category they are nominated for.

12.    You MUST NOT OFFER ANY MONETARY INCENTIVE to gain extra votes from customers or the public, however, you can get leaflets printed, post on social media, etc to campaign for votes, This is the purpose of these awards, your customers are the judges (i.e., the general public)

13. If you cannot attend the awards evening, don't worry; one of the Coastal Radio Team members will go up and collect the award on your behalf, but you really should come as it's going to be an epic night of entertainment.

14. Coastal Radio has the right to move your nomination to a different category if we feel it fits that better.

15. By nominating or voting, you are agreeing that coastal radio can contact you with information about the radio station.

16. Any questions (except "Have such and such won" or "How is such and such doing, etc.?" as these won't be answered!) then email The Gaffer!