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Liam Halewood

Liam Halewood

Liam Halewood is a fun Bubbly, confident Singer/Tribute Act/Actor/Reality Personality/Presenter, and charity ambassador for the James Bulger memorial trust. Originally from Liverpool but has now lived in Blackpool since 2010. 

All About Me:

Your Star sign : Cancer 

Your Age: 37

Your Hometown: Liverpool

Where You Live Now: North Shore

Jr School: St Francis of Assisi 

High school: St. John Almond

College: Mode Hairdressing college 

1st Job: Ice Cream Man.

Worst Job: Cleaner (only because I was bad at it)

Pet Hate: When people call it a season of programmes in the UK when it’s called a series of programmes, I love America, I go many times but we're from the UK!


15 Fun Facts About Liam:

Your Favourite Colour: Khaki Green

Your Favourite Movie: Muriel’s Wedding

Your Favourite Band: Spice Girls 

Your Favourite Song: (Ballad) Halo by Beyoncé (up tempo) Spice Girls by medley 

Your Celebrity Crush: Will Mellor, especially now.

Married/ Relationship? Single

Pets: A dog called Jimmy. He is 10 a year old old King Charles Cavalier.

Your Favourite sport: Tennis

Any Tattoos: yes half moon and shooting star on hip, and a heart and musical scroll on my neck.

Your Favourite Food: Chinese 

Your Favourite Drink: Cup of Yorkshire Tea, strong, milk no sugar.

Your Favourite TV series: Friends, still watch an episode a day.

Your Favourite Holiday destination: Orlando try go every two years.

Your Party Trick: it’s more of a hobby I have done since I was a kid, but I am a champion majorette baton twirler, so I bring my baton out now and again.

Any claim to fame: Don’t get me started just google me. Lol!!!