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Get Shredded with Scott

Coastal Radio DAB and Fortitude Fitness have teamed up for a 6 week challenge that will see a lucky listener go head to head with Coastal's Scott Gallagher, in the 'Get Shredded with Scott' challenge. This challenge will begin the week commencing 9th January, and run on Daytimes with Scott Gallagher from 10am through until late February. 

Fortitude Fitness will supply both Scott and the winner with protein and supplements for the duration of the challenge. A diet plan will be available if needed. The lucky listener will compete against Scott across the 6 week trial in a bid to win a 6 month gym membership to Fortitude Fitness. 

Before entering the competition please read the requirements of the successful candidates below. 

You must be 18 or over to enter this competition. Winners will be chosen at random. Winners will be granted a day pass by Fortitude Fitness upon the start of the challenge. Winners will need to be weighed prior to the competition and at the end. Additionally winners may be asked to weigh-in during the challenge. Winners may also be asked to take part in on-air updates throughout the trial that may be used on social media. 

The challenge will conclude with a rowing trial to row the equivalent of the English Channel, in a bid to raise money for Blackpool Carers. Participation in this challenge is essential.